Live For Others

This life is too short and the vanities of the world are temporary. They only live who live for others.

Those who live for themselves are more dead than alive.

H.H. Babajee

I am here

I am born not to tell the story of the Almighty, His omnipresence, His omnipotence....
I am here neither to teach a dogma nor to hand over a philosophy,
People are dying on Earth for a kiss of His lips at the moment of the misery in their life.
I am here to stand next to them to be strong together especially when they feel lost.
I am born to be present everywhere to offer my 'Niscam Seva': Selfless Service to the humanity.
My mission is not religion but realization.
I see my Almighty in the forgotten, the poor, the ill, the depressed, the disturbed, the helpless and the lost.
Neglecting these manifestations of the Divinity, how can I worship the clay statue of "Him"?
May be criticised and named a stranger or a stupid one, May not be recognised, may not be remembered either....
Yet, such a person I am happy to be!

H.H. Babajee

For you

I am here only for you....
I am here not to handover a doctrine or a philosophy but to confront you.

I do not teach you any dogma, I simply unmask your ego. I am not a priest, neither a therapist, nor a councillor. I did not learn to butter your ego, nor am I trained to count time and money while being with you. I am a Mystic that is why I have nothing to loss. I am a Wise Foolish that is why I am not ashamed of My actions. I never leave you alone, rather take you into My arms to be strong together, to make you awake. And then My voice whispers into your ears....

“Oh My Dearest One ! Something which you have forgotten, that can be remembered again....”

H.H. Babajee


…. This life is a rainbow. We should enjoy this before it disappears. Unfortunately there are some people living on this Earth who can not see this rainbow. They live under the dark cloud of poverty, they suffocate and fear in that tremendous darkness. Their alphabert does not start with 'A B C D E' but with 'P O V E R T Y' because their world is poverty and only poverty ....

Their sky is so dense that the spectrum of the rainbow does not appear. Their destiny has forbidden them to see this life as a rainbow. These neglected, forgotten and lost souls are always left alone at the other part of the world. They are depandant. They are helpless. Neither are they aware of the political dramas in the world nor have they any explanation about their Karmic processes. They only want to be alive, accepted and to get respect in the society. Often they are called as “ the poorest of the poor”.

H.H. Babajee


… To encourage that sharing is the only commodity by which everything multiplies while dividing with others.

Therefore, we should share this planet together with all other living beings. And if we are on this earth to live in peace – it will be together or not at all.

H.H. Babajee


… Practising regular meditation is the key to discovering our essential nature. We should meditate everyday and keep saying -

“I am the Atman (Self), I am He, everything is in me. How can I be influenced by fear or pain? I will manifest health, purity, knowledge …. whatever I want.”

H.H. Babajee


… Happy experiences make life delightful, sad experiences lead us to growth. Suffering shows us where we still have to grow, just as physical pain points to illness.

Therefore, we should try to realize the value of even a single drop of tear that comes through our sufferings. It is too precious. Because tears are God's way of melting the frozen grief to unite with the “Unseen Guide” (Adrista) within us.

H.H. Babajee